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The Expedition continues up the Missouri through the present UL Bend National Wildlife Refuge making over 20 miles. Seaman nearly bleeds to death when a wounded beaver bites him in the leg.

From the journals...

one of the party wounded a beaver, and my dog as usual swam in to catch it; the beaver bit him through the hind leg and cut the artery; it was with great difficulty that I could stop the blood; I fear it will yet prove fatal to him.

Meriwether Lewis

Tired Newfoundland dog

A very large, black dog lying on the ground

Thanks to Dolly and the Pacific Northwest Living Historians posing for this picture. Photo taken at 2013 Wintering Over with permission at Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Fort Clatsop.

This afternoon the river was croked, rappid and containing more sawyers than we have seen in the same space since we left the entrance of the river Platte.

Meriwether Lewis

Sawyer on the Missouri River

A cottonwood log sticking out from the water