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Charbonneau is steering when a strong gust of wind capsizes the white pirogue. They manage to row the boat ashore and right it. The hunters flee from a wounded Grizzly before it is finally killed. The men are given grog and gill of whiskey.

the bear pursued and had very nearly overtaken them before they reached the river; two of the party betook themselves to a canoe and the others seperated an concealed themselves among the willows, reloaded their pieces, each discharged his piece at him as they had an opportunity they struck him several times again but the guns served only to direct the bear to them, in this manner he pursued two of them seperately so close that they were obliged to throw aside their guns and pouches and throw themselves into the river altho' the bank was nearly twenty feet perpendicular; so enraged was this anamal that he plunged into the river only a few feet behind the second man he had compelled take refuge in the water, when one of those who still remained on shore shot him through the head and finally killed him;

Meriwether Lewis

Grizzly bear, Ursus arctos horribilis

Painting of a grizzly bear chasing Expedition hunters

Painting previously located in Southern Hills Mall, Sioux City, Iowa and created by by Split Rock Studios.

Some fog on the river this morning, which is a very rare occurrence;

Meriwether Lewis

Foggy Missouri River

Foggy Missouri River and sand bar

the Perogue was under sail when a sudon squawl of wind struck her obliquely, and turned her considerably, the steersman allarmed, in stead of puting her before the wind, lufted her up into it, the wind was so violent that it drew the brace of the squarsail out of the hand of the man who was attending it, and instantly upset the perogue and would have turned her completely topsaturva, had it not have been from the resistance mad by the oarning against the water;
Charbono still crying to his god for mercy, had not yet recollected the rudder, nor could the repeated orders of the Bowsman, Cruzat, bring him to his recollection untill he threatend to shoot him instantly if he did not take hold of the rudder and do his duty

Meriwether Lewis

White pirogue

Man in skins holding the rudder of a white pirogue

This photo is provided as a service by the U.S. Army Center of Military History.

After having all matters arranged for the evening as well as the nature of circumstances would permit, we thought it a proper occasion to console ourselves and cheer the sperits of our men and accordingly took a drink of grog and gave each man a gill of sperits.

Meriwether Lewis

Tankard and ale bottles

Pewter tankard and two brown beer bottles