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The Expedition paddles and sails about 25 miles up the Missouri River in Montana. Lewis describes the Willet, a bird new to science, and he marvels at Big Dry Fork. The creek and today's campsite are now inundated under Fort Peck Reservoir.

From the journals...

the river for several days has been as wide as it is generally near it's mouth, tho' it is much shallower or I should begin to dispair of ever reaching it's source; it has been crouded today with many sandbars; the water also appears to become clearer, it has changed it's complexin very considerably. I begin to feel extreemly anxious to get in view of the rocky mountains.

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River

Missouri River near Wolf Point with a cottonwood tree on the shore

I killed four plover this evening of a different species from any I have yet seen; the notes of this bird are louder and more various than any other of this family that I have seen.

Meriwether Lewis

Willet, Tringa semipalmata

Tan shore bird with long beak and legs

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