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The Corps are able to sail up the Missouri for about ten miles before it becomes too dangerous. Due to high waves, one canoe cannot cross the river, and spends the night on the shore opposite the main camp near Elkhorn Point, Montana.

From the journals...

passed broken bluffs and round knobs on the S. S. and bottoms covrd with cottonwood timber on each Side of the River and the hills in general are not so high as they have been below and the country is more pleasant, and the timber is gitting pleantier.

John Ordway

Missouri River at MT 480 bridge

Missouri River twisting through cottonwood bottoms

this bird which I shall henceforth stile the Missouri plover, generally feeds about the shallow bars of the river; to collect it's food which consists of [blank], it immerces it's beak in the water and throws it's head and beak from side to side at every step it takes.

Meriwether Lewis

American avocet, Recurvirostra americana

Water bird with long bill and legs and an orange head

Photo created by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.