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While walking on the shore with Clark and Charbonneau, Sacajawea brings Clark a currant bush. The Expedition sees large herds and fertile land. After 24 miles, they camp on the Missouri five miles southwest of present Brockton, Montana.

From the journals...

we Came too & camped on the S. S the Countrey on both Sides have a butifull appearance.

William Clark

Missouri River at Brockton, Montana

Plains above the Missouri River at Brockton, Montana

in my walk the Squar found & brought me a bush Something like the Current, which She Said bore a delicious froot and that great quantites grew on the Rocky Mountains, this Srub was in bloom has a yellow flower with a deep Cup, the froot when ripe is yellow and hangs in bunches like Cheries, Some of those berries yet remained on the bushes.

William Clark

Missouri, or Buffalo, currant, Ribes odoratum

Sticky yellow blossoms

Photo ©2005 Sten Porse. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.