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Lewis kills the Expedition's first Grizzly, an immature male. With moderate winds, the Corps makes 25 miles up the Missouri River and camps five miles west of present Culbertson, Montana.

From the journals...

we Came too in the mouth of a Little river on the S. S.....it meanders through a butifull & extencive vallie as far as can be Seen about N 30° W. I saw only a Single tree in this fertile vallie The water of the River is clear of a yellowish Colour, we call this river Martheys river in honor to the Selebrated M. F

William Clark

Big Muddy Creek

Meandering creek in a wide valley

Captain Lewis, and one of the men, travelled some distance by land and killed a white bear. The natives call them white, but they are more of a brown grey. They are longer than the common black bear, and have much larger feet and talons.

Patrick Gass

Grizzly bear, Ursus arctos horribilis

Large, brownish bear eating a salmon

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