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The Expedition continues up the Missouri just west of the present Montana border with North Dakota. With a tailwind, they are able to use their sails. They see river hills with layers of black coal and red clay.

we Camped in a handsom bottom of c. w. timber on N. S. high steep bluffs on S. S. Came 24 miles this day.

John Ordway

Missouri River at Culbertson bridge

Missouri River bluff with red, white, and black layers

the Bluffs in this part as also below Shew different Straturs of Coal or carbonated wood, and Coloured earth, such as dark brown, yellow a lightish brown, & a dark red &c.

William Clark

Coal strata in a Missouri River hill

Coal strata of the Fort Union Formation

we saw great quantities of game today; consisting of the common and mule deer, Elk, Buffaloe, and Antelopes;

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River bluffs near Bainville, Montana

Historic drawing of the pirogues and a herd of buffalo

Photo of an interpretive sign at Culbertson Bridge, Montana.

the banks on the Missouri are not so high as below it, and the sand bars are more in the middle of the river.

Patrick Gass

Missouri River at Culbertson Bridge

Missouri River and wide river bottom at Culbertson Bridge