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Shields is sent up the Yellowstone (Roche Juane) River to explore. Lewis heads down the Yellowstone to explore that river's confluence with the Missouri. Joining Clark and the pirogues, they all camp near the confluence.

At the distance of five miles he passed a large Island well covered with timber, and three miles higher a large creek falls in on the S. E. side above a high bluff in which there are several stratas of coal. the country bordering on this river as far as he could percieve, like that of the Missouri, consisted of open plains.

Meriwether Lewis

Charbonneau Creek and Yellowstone River

Muddy river, a high bluff, and wide open prairie

Several of the party was up the yellow Stone R Several miles, & informed that it meandered throught a butifull Countrey

William Clark

Yellowstone River

Meandering Yellowstone River in a wide valley

the bed of the yellowstone river is entirely composed of sand and mud, not a stone of any kind to be seen in it near it's entrance. Capt Clark measured these rivers just above their confluence; found the bed of the Missouri 520 yards wide, the water occupying 330. it's channel deep.

Meriwether Lewis

Yellowstone River

Sandy, tree covered island and a large muddy Yellowstone River