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Due to high winds, the boats remain near present Trenton, North Dakota. Clark describes several problems from the blowing sand and dust. Lewis' pocket watch appears to have stopped working because of the dust.

From the journals...

my pocket watch, is out of order, she will run only a few minutes without stoping. I can discover no radical defect in her works, and must therefore attribute it to the sand, with which, she seems plentifully charged, notwithstanding her cases are double and tight.

Meriwether Lewis

Pocket watch

Pocket watch with cracked face

Sent out hunters, they killed 4 Deer 2 Elk & cought Some young wolves of the Small kind

William Clark

Coyote, Canis latrans

Coyote with dark fur looking at the camera

Photo ©1995 Manfred Werner. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.