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The men poling and towing the boats struggle through high waves, blowing sand, and crumbling Missouri River banks below present Williston, North Dakota. They stop early having made less than 7 miles. Lewis inspects an Indian grave.

From the journals...

a Short distance below our Camp I Saw Some rafts on the S. S. near which, an Indian woman was Scaffeled in the Indian form of Deposing their dead, & fallen down She was or had been raised about 6 feet inclosed in Several robes tightly laced around her, with her dog Slays, her bag of Different coloured earths paint Small bones of animals beaver nales and Several other little trinkets, also a blue jay, her dog was killed and lay near her.

William Clark

Tombs of the Assiniboin Indians on Trees

Historic Painting of body placed on a platform

Painting by Karl Bodmer circa 1833.

in the open grounds along the foot of the river hills immence quantities of the hisop.

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River hills

Sage brush below steep, barren hills