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The wind being high, the Captains decide to remain another day at their camp 13 miles SE of Williston, North Dakota. Srgt Gass explores the burned hills previously described by the Captains and finds sagebrush and petrified wood.

the Praries appear to green, the cotton trees bigin to leave, Saw some plumb bushes in full bloom, those were the plumb bushes which I have Seen for Some time.

William Clark

Wild (American) plum, Prunus americana

White Wild plum blossoms on a small branch

The beaver of this part of the Missouri are larger, fatter, more abundant and better clad with fur than those of any other part of the country that I have yet seen; I have remarked also that their fur is much darker.—

Meriwether Lewis

Beaver fur

Dark, soft beaver fur

Observed considerable quantities of dwarf Juniper on the hill sides (see specimen No. 4)

Meriwether Lewis

Creeping juniper, Juniperus horizontalis

low ornamental bush on a dry hill side