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Lewis, traveling with the boats finds petrified wood on the Missouri River shores and ponders its source. Clark, walking the shores, kills a pronghorn. They camp across from Beaver Creek about 13 miles north of Keene, North Dakota.

From the journals...

immediately on the river there are many fine leavel extensive and extreemly fertile high plains and meadows. I think the quantity of timbered land on the river is increasing.

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River at Williston, North Dakota

Small backwater and low plains above the Missouri River

I believe it to be the stratas of Coal seen in those hills which causes the fire and birnt appearances frequently met with in this quarter. where those birnt appearances are to be seen in the face of the river bluffs, the coal is seldom seen, and when you meet with it in the neighbourhood of the stratas of birnt earth, the coal appears to be presisely at the same hight, and is nearly of the same thickness, togeter with the sand and a sulphurious substance which ususually accompanys it.

Meriwether Lewis

Coal strata in the Bullion Creek formation

Two coal strata in the Bullion Creek Formation