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The day is hot as the men work the pirogues and canoes 19 miles against the Missouri current. Lewis examines the salts along the shore. Clark finds the coal on the hillsides does not burn well. Camp is below the Little Missouri River.

From the journals...

we halted at two P. M. and made a comfortable dinner on a venison stake and beavers tales with the bisquit which got wet on the 8th inst. by the accidant of the canoe filling with water before mentioned.

Meriwether Lewis

Venison and biscuits

Cooked strips of meat and fried biscuits

Thanks to John Toenyes and Phil Scriver, authors of Edge of Survival, for 'boiling' this venison and biscuits in oil.

saw some large white cranes pass up the river—these are the largest bird of that genus common to the country through which the Missouri and Mississippi pass. they are perfectly white except the large feathers of the two first joints of the wing which are black.

Meriwether Lewis

Whooping crane, Grus americana

Large white birds with long legs wading in water

Photo created by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.