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The Expedition sets out early against a gentle current. The day becomes hot and the mosquitoes bothersome. They travel 18½ miles finding fertile prairies above barren hills. Camp is just above the present site of Fort Berthold.

we Set off eairly. a clear and pleasant morning.

John Ordway

Missouri River near Stanton, North Dakota

Missouri River sunrise

I Saw Several Antilope on the S. S.

William Clark

Pronghorn, Antilocapra americana

Large mammal looking similar to a deer

Mounted specimen at the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument Interpretive Center, Fort Benton, Montana.

The country on both sides of the missouri from the tops of the river hills, is one continued level fertile plain as far as the eye can reach, in which there is not even a solitary tree or shrub to be seen except such as from their moist situations or the steep declivities of hills are sheltered from the ravages of the fire.

Meriwether Lewis

Plains above the Missouri River near Stanton, North Dakota

Prairie with some low shrubs

the courant of the Missouri is but moderate, at least not greater than that of the Ohio in high tide; it's banks are falling in but little; the navigation is therefore comparitively with it's lower portion easy and safe.—

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River near Bismarck, North Dakota

Missouri River current and bank

at 1 P.M. we overtook three french hunters who had set out a few days before us with a view of traping beaver; they had taken 12 since they left Fort Mandan. this is the first essay of a beaver hunter of any discription on this river. the beaver these people have already taken is by far the best I have ever seen.

Meriwether Lewis

Beaver pelt

Dark-fur beaver pelt