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The expedition travels 5 miles up the Missouri before stopping for breakfast above present Garrison dam. The Captains notice coal strata in the bluffs and Clark, walking on the shore, observes Richardson's ground squirrel.

the Bluffs of the river which we passed today were upwards of a hundred feet high, formed of a mixture of yellow clay and sand— many horizontal stratas of carbonated wood, having every appearance of pitcoal at a distance; were seen in the face of these bluffs.

Meriwether Lewis

Sentinel Butte formation and the Missouri River

Sandstone and lignite bluffs of the Sentinel Butte Formation

we saw a great number of brant passing up the river, some of them were white, except the large feathers in the first and second joint of the wing which are black.

Meriwether Lewis

Greater snow geese in flight, Anser caerulescens

Hundreds of large white birds take to flight

Photo ©2009 D. Gordon E. Robertson. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.

juniper grows on the Sides of the hills, & runs on the ground

William Clark

Common Juniper, Juniperus communis

Shrub-like tree with blue berries