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The Expedition struggles up the Missouri against a hard wind from the NW. One canoe takes on water ruining a sack of biscuits and 30 pounds of black powder. They camp just below present Garrison dam.

From the upper part of an island just below Morparperyoopatoo's camp to a point of wood land on the Stad. Side passing a high bluff on the Lad. containing many horizontal narrow Stratas of Carbonated wood, wome of which are Sixty feet above the Surface of the water

William Clark

Lignite coal strata

View of the Missouri River from a bluff

at 12 Oclock they came up and informed me that one of the small canoes was behind in distress. Capt Clark returned foud she had filled with water and all her loading wet. we lost half a bag of bisquit, and about thirty pounds of powder by this accedent;

Meriwether Lewis

Dugout canoe (pirogue)

Dugout canoe filled with river water

we passed two villages of the Grossvantares or Bigbelleys at the lowermost one comes in a handsom River called Knife River. these 2 vill. are in a bottom but little timber. back of which is high open plains which is the Same on the N. S.

John Ordway

Knife and Missouri Rivers

Muddy current of the Knife River meets the clearer Missouri River

Photo created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

proceed on to oure encampment, which was on the S. side opposite to a high bluff.

Meriwether Lewis

Missouri River below Garrison dam

View of the Missouri River and a high bluff