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Clark travels 5 miles up the river to visit the party making the new pirogues. On the way, he visits with Le Borgne, or One Eye, a notorious Hidatsa chief who is heading down the river. Lewis also entertains Le Borgne at Fort Mandan.

walked up to See the Party that is makeing Perogues....found them nearly finished, the timber verry bad

William Clark

Dugout canoe

Dugout canoe about 1/4 completed

This photo is provided as a service by the U.S. Army Center of Military History.

on my return found the Manitarree Chief about Setting out on his return to his village, having recieved of Captain M. Lewis a medel Gorget armbans, a Flag Shirt, Scarlet &c. &c. &c. for which he was much pleased   Those Things were given in place of Sundery articles Sent to him which he Sais he did not receive   2 guns were fired for this Great man

William Clark


Brass horseshoe shaped decoration hanging from a neck

Gorget provided by Glen Allison, Pacific Northwest Living Historians.