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Several men begin preparing tools to make new pirogues. Some men are making charcoal, and the blacksmiths work to trade for Indian corn. Clark begins making a map of the Missouri River country.

From the journals...

moved the 2 perogues along the N. Side of the line of huts So as to keep the Sun from cracking them.—

John Ordway

Dugout canoes

Two dugout canoes on the river bank

16 men Got their tools in order to make 4 perogues    4 men destined to make each perogue. the commanding officers mean to leave the Barge here in the Spring, and go on with 5 perogues one old one as they will be much better to Go from this place to the head of the Missouri

John Ordway

Wood working tools

Saw, chisel, broad axe, adze, and other tools

This photo is provided as a service by the U.S. Army Center of Military History.