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The blacksmiths have been very successful trading their labor with the Indians for corn. Lewis permits them to make more items using the sheet iron from the keelboat's galley stove which has nearly burned through.

the blacksmiths take a considerable quantity of corn today in payment for their labour. the blacksmith's have proved a happy resoce to us in our present situation as I believe it would have been difficult to have devised any other method to have procured corn from the natives.

Meriwether Lewis

Blacksmith goods, parched corn, and elk jerky

Three types of tomahawks, an S-hook, parched corn, and buffalo jerky

the Indians are extravegantly fond of sheet iron of which they form arrow-points and manufacter into instruments for scraping and dressing their buffaloe robes— for each piece about four inches square he obtained from seven to eight gallons of corn from the natives who appeared extreemly pleased with the exchange—

Meriwether Lewis

Iron arrows

Arrows made from iron