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The temperature drops to 18° below 0. Both the Mandan and Expedition men are without meat. Clark organizes a hunting party that will travel several miles south of Fort Mandan over the next several days.

From the journals...

our stock of meat which we had procured in the Months of November & December is now nearly exhausted; a supply of this articles is at this moment peculiarly interesting as well for our immediate consumption, as that we may have time before the approach of the warm season to prepare the meat for our voyage in the spring of the year.

Meriwether Lewis

Elk jerky

nearly empty bowl of elk jerky

Capt Clark set out with a hunting party consisting of sixteen of our command
Shields killed two deer this evening, both very lean— one a large buck, he had shed his horns.

Meriwether Lewis

Whitetail deer, Odocoileus virginianus

Whitetail deer standing in the snow

Photo by Ken Thomas who has released it to the public domain.