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While wintering across the Missouri River from Stanton, North Dakota, Lewis and several men dance with the Mandan. The blacksmiths make axes and do repair work to trade for corn. Gass and Whitehouse describe Mandan horse care.

From the journals...

Capt. Lewis and the Greater part of the party went up to the 2nd village of the mandans a frolicking, after the Same manner as yesterday at the 1st village. the most of the men returned toward evening & Sd. that the Indians were much diverted at seeing them dance.

John Ordway

Mandan lodge

Painting of the interior of a Mandan lodge

Painting by Karl Bodmer circa 1833.

a nomber of Indians and Squaws came to the fort from the first village. Brought us corn to pay our blacksmiths for repairing their Squaw axes Bridles &.C.

John Ordway


Plain, small indian hatchet or ax

Painting by Karl Bodmer circa 1833.