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Lewis spends the night in a buffalo hide tent with only a blanket for bedding. Ordway is surprised how quickly the temperature can drop below 0°. As Fort Mandan's sergeant of the guard, he reduces duty to 1 hour and issues wool coats.

From the journals...

Capt Lewis had a Cold Disagreeable night last in the Snow on a Cold point with one Small Blankett

William Clark

Three point trade blanket

Gray trade blanket with 3 stripes (points)

the weather Gits colder verry fast So that the Sentinel had to be relieved every hour.
Blanket cappoes provided for each man who Stood in need of them &.C.

John Ordway

Capote (blanket coat)

Two men wearing long wool coats

Historical interpreters provided by the Pacific Northwest Living Historians at Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Fort Clatsop.