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Construction at Fort Mandan stops when the temperature drops to 10° and strong winds blow. Clark is buffalo hunting, and several in his group are frost bitten. Clark describes what the local Indians wear in this type of weather.

From the journals...

Capt. Clark was hunting the Buffaloe this day with 16 Men— severall of the men frosted    killed 3 buffaloe himself and the party killed 5 others.

Meriwether Lewis

Hunting buffalo, Bison bison

Painting of a wounded buffalo

Painting by George Catlin circa 1832.

at 9 oClock a man & his Squar Came down with Some meat for the inturpeter his dress was a par mockersons of Buffalow Skin Pr. Legins of Goat Skin & a Buffalow robe, 14 ring of Brass on his fingers, this metel the Mandans ar verry fond off—

William Clark

Biróhkä, Hidatsa Man

Painting of a Hidatsa man in buffalo robe

Painting by Karl Bodmer circa 1833.