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The day is fair as the men gather the timbers needed to form a picket fence around Fort Mandan. George Henderson visits. His company has been trading tobacco and beads for Mandan furs and buffalo robes. They also trade guns for horses.

From the journals...

a Scotsman who is tradeing at the Mandens came to visit us. he belonged to the hudson bay company    he brought over Tobacco Beeds & other kinds of Goods & traded with the Mandens for their furs & buffalow Robes. they bring Some Guns to trade for horses &.C. this hudsons bay compy. lay Garrisoned near the N. W. Compy. on River    Eight or 10 days travel by land a North course from this.

John Ordway

Hudson's Bay Company flag

Red Hudson's Bay flag with the initials HBC

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