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When the Captains are told of a Sioux attack on a Mandan hunting party, they immediately assemble a detachment of 23 men to pursue the Sioux warriors. The Mandan recommend that the Captains stop as the offenders are now too far south.

our officers thought it best to offer the Mandens Some assistance if they were disposed to fight the Souix. So Captain Clark, myself & 20 more of the party turned out voluntarrely and crossed the River

John Ordway

Fort Mandan

Sword and rifles

Photo taken with permission at Fort Mandan.

I then Paraded & Crossed the river on the ice and Came down on the N. Side the Snow So deep, it was verry fatigueing arrved at the fort after night, gave a little Taffee

William Clark

Half a gill of rum

Small copper cup with red liquid