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An Indian chief and his wife cross the Missouri in a bullboat—a round boat covered with buffalo hide. They bring a side of buffalo meat to Fort Mandan. The weather is cold and cloudy as the men continue building their winter quarters.

From the journals...

saw a flock of the crested cherry birds passing to the south

Meriwether Lewis

Cedar waxwing, Bombycilla cedrorum

Cedar waxwing: a gray and yellow bird eating choke cherries

Photo ©2009 John Harrison. Permission via the Creative Commons 3.0 License.

we finished raising one line of our huts. commenced hughing & Guttering the punchien for the purpose of covering the huts.

John Ordway

Cottonwood puncheon

Cottonwood logs spit to be flat on one side

Photo taken with permission at Fort Mandan.