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The morning brings a hard frost, and the men struggle to complete their cabins across from present Stanton, North Dakota. The Expedition visits with the Mandan and learn that they feed their horses cottonwood sticks each night.

From the journals...

we are Situated in a point of the Missouri North Side in a Cotton wood Timber, this Timber is tall and heavy Containing an imence quantity of water    Brickle & Soft food for Horses to winter (as is Said by the Indians)

William Clark

Cottonwood trees

Nine cottonwood trees growing in a clump

Horses Dogs & people all pass the night in the Same Lodge or round House, Covd. with earth with a fire in the mi

William Clark

Mandan saddle

Mandan saddle in a Mandan lodge

Photo taken at Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site, U.S. National Park Service.