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Strong winds thwart traveling on the Missouri River until the evening. They drop down the river a few miles looking for a suitable location to build winter quarters. The day's camp is just north of the Mandan village, Mitutanka.

From the journals...

Capt. Lewis myself and Several more of the party halted at the 1st village of the Mandens in order to git Some corn. the head chief told us that they had not Got the corn ready. But if we would come tomorrow they [w]ould have it ready. they Gave us 3 kinds of victuls to eat which was verry Good. they were verry friendly Gave the pipe round everry fiew minutes &.C. they live verry well. have pleanty of corn Beans Squashes meat &.C.

John Ordway

Mandan village

Painting of the Lewis in the white perogue arriving at a Mandan village

Painting previously located in Southern Hills Mall, Sioux City, Iowa and created by by Split Rock Studios.