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Near present Stanton, North Dakota, a council is held with the Mandan, Minataree, and Arikara and the pipe of peace is accepted. The Captains give them a steel grinding mill. Due to high winds, a prairie fire quickly spreads and passes by.

The Prarie got on fire and went with Such Violenc & Speed as to Catch a man & woman & burn them to Death, Several escapd. among other a Small boy who was Saved by getting under a green Buffalow Skin, this boy was half white, & the Indians Say all white flesh is medisan, they Say the grass was not burnt where the boy Sat &c. &. this fire passed us at 8 oclock, and lookd truly tremendious

William Clark

Burning prairie

Historic painting of Indians and a burning plain

Painting by George Catlin circa 1832.

At 11 o'clock, when the Council met, a shot was fired from our bow piece, and the commanding officers took the chiefs by the hand. Captain Lewis, through an interpreter, delivered a speech; gave a suit of clothes to each of the chiefs and some articles for their villages.

Patrick Gass

Eh-Toh'k-She-Pée-Shah, Black Moccasin, Aged Chief

Painting of Black Mocassin as an old Indian man

Painting by George Catlin circa 1832.

To the 1st Chiefs we gave a medal with the Imp. of the President of the U S.
To the 2d Chiefs a medal of weaveing Domestic animals.
To the 3rd Chiefs a medal with the impression of a man Sowing wheat.

William Clark

Washington Second Presidency Medals

Coins with people working in a rural setting

Picture from Indian Peace Medals in American History by Francis Paul Prucha. University of Oklahoma Press, page 89. ©2000 with all rights reserved.