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The boats travel four miles up the Missouri to a point near the mouth of the Knife River in present North Dakota. They meet many Mandan and a trader and interpreter named Rene Jessaume who has been living with the Mandan several years.

From the journals...

Came too at this Village on the L. S. this village is Situated on an eminance of about 50 feet above the Water in a handson Plain    it Containes houses in a kind of Picket work. the houses are round and Verry large Containing Several families, as also their horses which is tied on one Side of the enterance

William Clark

Hidatsa Village, Earth Covered Lodges on the Knife River

Historic painting of a Hidatsa village

Painting by George Catlin circa 1832.

These people do not bury their dead, but place the body on a scaffold, wrapped in a buffaloe robe, where it lies exposed.

Patrick Gass

Sioux Scaffold Burial

Historic painting of a Sioux scaffold

Painting by Karl Bodmer circa 1833.