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The morning brings a little snow as the Expedition makes seven miles up the Missouri reaching the Mandan villages near present Washburn, North Dakota. The Captains, the Arikara chief, and a Mandan chief meet with ceremony and smoking.

From the journals...

passed a Bottom on N. S. covered with fine Timber Such as oak & large cottonwood &.C

John Ordway

Missouri River bottom

Grass and Cottonwood trees in Missouri River bottom

Came too on an Island Caused by the river cutting through a narrow point 7 years ago, on this Island we wer visited by the grand Chief of the mandans a 2d Chief and Some other, who wer Camped on the Island, those Chief met our Ricarra Chief with great Corduallity, & Smoked together

William Clark

Missouri River island

Start of a Missouri River island