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North of present Bismarck, the Expedition passes the place where the Mandan robbed two French traders. The traders continue with the Expedition to recover their traps and furs. Camp is across from present Sanger, North Dakota.

From the journals...

Camped on S. S. at a Bottom covered with timber where we found a large quantity of Graze the Buff. or Rabit Berryes of which we eat freely off. they are a Small red berry, Sower & Good to the taste. we have Seen them pleanty in this Country.

John Ordway

Silver buffaloberry, Shepherdia argentea

Buffloberry branch loaded with red berries

Photo taken at Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site, U.S. National Park Service.

passed Several Timbred bottoms where we Saw pleanty of Grasses Rushes &.C.

John Ordway

Missouri River at Cross Ranch State Park

Thick grass and a few Cottonwood trees on the Missouri River