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The Expedition arrives at the empty Mandan villages in present North Dakota. They see gangs of wolves following the bison. Cruzatte wounds a Grizzly bear, and then flees leaving his gun behind. Later, he wounds a bison which chases him.

Set off eairly    a pleasant morning. Several hunters out hunting on each Side of the River.

John Ordway

Early morning at Double Ditch Village

Rounded mounds and depressions at Double Ditch village

Saw an old Village of the Mandans below the Chess chi ter R. appear to have been fortified

William Clark

Ditch at Double Ditch Village

Depression from an old ditch at Double Ditch village

Peter Crusat this day shot at a white bear he wounded him, but being alarmed at the formidable appearance of the bear he left his tomahalk and gun; but shortly after returned and found that the bear had taken the oposite rout.

Meriwether Lewis

Grizzly bear, Ursus arctos horribilis

The hind end of a grizzly bear

his specimen is a display at the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument Interpretive Center, Fort Benton, Montana.

great numbers of wolves, those animals follow the buffalow and devour, those that die or are Killed, and those too fat or pore to Keep up with the gangue

William Clark

Buffalo Hunt Under the Wolf-Skin Mask

Historic painting of a buffalo herd pursued by two Indians disguised as wolve

Painting by George Catlin circa 1832.