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The boats make only six miles before the winds stop all progress near present Cannon Ball, North Dakota. Clark walks the shore and with the help of an interpreter, the Arikara chief traveling with them tells him many stories.

Set out early    a fine morning the wind from the N W.

William Clark

Missouri River sunrise at Double Ditch Village

Large sandbar in the Missouri River at sunrise

Great numbers of verry large Stone on the Sides of the hills & Some rock of a brownish Colour in the Ld. Bend below this—

William Clark

Boulder near Henlser, North Dakota

Large brown boulder cracked and split into small pieces

Great numbers of Goats are flocking down to the S. Side of the river on their way to the Black Mountains where they winter    those animals return in the Spring in the Same way & Scatter in different directions.

William Clark

Pronghorn, Antilocapra americana

Pronghorn coming down a hill side

Photo by Jack Dykinga of the U.S. Agricultural Research Service.

No. 47 a species of Juniper, common to the bluffs—October 17th

Meriwether Lewis

Common juniper, Juniperus communis

Green bush with pale blue berries

a decoction of this plant used by the Indians to wash ther wounds.

Meriwether Lewis

Silver-leaved scurfpea, Pediomelum argophyllum

Plant with purple petals

Photo by Chelsea Monkst of the U.S. Forest Service.