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The Expedition makes 14½ miles against the Missouri River current camping above present Beaver Creek, North Dakota. Lewis collects a live specimen of a Common poorwill. The Indians trap pronghorn in the river and kill many.

This day took a small bird alive of the order of the [blank] or goat suckers
the recarees call this bird to'-na    it's note is at-tah-to'-nah'; at-tah'to'-nah'; to-nah,    a nocturnal bird, sings only in the night as does the whipperwill.—

Meriwether Lewis

Common poorwill, Phalaenoptilus nuttallii

Drawing of a small bird's head in profile

Drawing by unknown artist in History of North American Birds-Land Birds by Spencer Fullerton Baird, 1874.

The timber is more plenty than it has been for a considerable distance down the river. The sand bars, gave us a great deal of trouble, and much retarded our progress.

Patrick Gass

Missouri River sandbars

Wide shallow river with low plains and sandbars

Dwarf Cedar, never more than 6 inches high, open prairies. Octbr: 16, 1804

Meriwether Lewis

Creeping juniper, Juniperus horizontalis

Low and broad bush

Photo © SriMesh. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.