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After a rainy night, the Expedition heads up the Missouri River to a camp above present Fort Yates, North Dakota. They meet many Arikara, and York and the men have a constant audience. The Captains trade Bison meat for beads and fish hooks.

the Greatest Curiousity to them was York Capt. Clarks Black Man. all the nation made a Great deal of him. the children would follow after him, & if he turned towards them they would run from him & hollow as if they were terreyfied, & afraid of him.

John Ordway


Statue of a black man hunting

we halted above and about 30 of the Indians came over in their Canoos of Skins, we eate with them, they give us meat, in return we gave fishhooks & Some beeds

William Clark

Fishhooks and trade beads

Red and multi-colored Chevron beads and fishhooks

we halted at a Camp of 10 Lodges of Ricaras on the S. S., we visited thier Lodges & were friendly recved by all— their women fond of our men— &c.

William Clark