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The Expedition makes 18 miles up the Missouri River stopping near the present border between North and South Dakota. A Court Martial finds Private John Newman guilty of making criminal and mutinous statements.

From the journals...

on the river near the place those are Said to be Situated, we obsd. a greater quantity of fine grapes than I ever Saw at one place.

William Clark


Grapes and red Buffaloberries growing together

The court after having duly considered the evidence aduced, as well as the defense of the said prisonor, are unanimously of opinion that the prisonar John Newman is guilty of every part of the charge exhibited against him, and do sentence him agreeably to the rules and articles of war, to receive seventy five lashes on his bear back, and to be henceforth discarded from the perminent party engaged for North Western discovery

Meriwether Lewis

Military parade

Military line up with 1803 period uniforms and weapons

Historical reenactors provided by the Discovery Expedition of St. Charles, Missouri.