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During the morning and afternoon, ceremonies and councils are held with two Arikara chiefs. The Captains are given Indian tobacco. At 2 pm, the boats continue another 9½ miles camping below present Pollock, South Dakota.

From the journals...

Dress of the men of this nation is Simply a pr. mockerson, Leagins, flap in front & a Buffalow roabe, with ther arms & ears Deckorated

William Clark

Pachtüwa-Chtä. An Arrikkara Warrior

Historic painting of an Arikara warrio

Painting by Carl Bodmer, March 1834.

No. 45. Specimen of the Ricara's tobacco
12th of October at the Ricare's town. This is the tobacco which they cultivate—

Meriwether Lewis

Indian tobacco, Nicotiana quadrivalvis

Indian Tobacco plant with white blooms

Photo by Anthony Valois of the National Park Service.