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Above present Mobridge, South Dakota, the night is stormy, and they are unable to meet with the Arikara. During the day, the visiting Indians are fascinated by York, Clark's slave, appearing to have never seen a black man before.

I saw at Several times to day 3 Squars in single Buffalow Skin Canoes loaded with meat Cross the River, at the time the waves were as high as I ever Saw them in the Missouri—

William Clark

Many Canoes of a Single Buffalow Skin made in the form of a Bowl Carrying generally 3 and Sometimes 5 & 6 men, those Canoes, ride the highest Waves

William Clark

Mandan bull boat

Cross frames of sticks tied to a buffalo skin

Bullboat provided by Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site.

the Indians much asstonished at my Black Servent and Call him the big medison, this nation never Saw a black man before

William Clark


Statue of York

Photo taken at Pompeys Pillar National Monument, U.S. Bureau of Land Management.