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The Expedition makes 20 miles past present Forest City, South Dakota. They encounter white birds on the shore and several pronghorns swimming the Missouri. Present Swift Bird Creek is named both White Brant Creek and White Goat Creek.

From the journals...

at 11 oClock we Saw a flock of Goats Swimming the River towards the South Shore. one of our hunters ran up the Shore & killed 4 of them    we took them on board the Boat & pearogues....dressed & took care of our Goat meat as we had no other fresh meat on hand. found it to be verry Sweet Good meat.

John Ordway

Pronghorn, Antilocapra americana

Herd of Pronghorn lying on a hill side

Photo provided by the National Bison Range Wildlife Refuge.

in the evening passed a Small (3) Island Situated Close to the L. Side, at the head of this Isd. a large Creek coms in on the L. S.    Saw white or Brants, we Call this Creek white Brant Creek—   I walked on the Isd.   found it Covered with wild rye

William Clark

Canada wildrye, Elymus canadensis

Tall grass prairie with Canada wildrye