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As the Expedition continues up the Missouri below present Forest City, South Dakota, the men prepare for an attack from the Teton Sioux. They are assured by Jean Vallé, a trader there, that they should not expect more trouble.

we proceeded on    passed a large Bottom on S. S. Some Timber on the edge of the river. about 2 o.Clock we came round a bend where we had come 20 miles round, & it was only 2 miles across by land.

John Ordway

Big Bend of the Missouri River

Satellite view of the Big Bend in the Missouri River

Photo by US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

growth of the high Bluffs.

Meriwether Lewis

Dwarf sagebrush, Artemisia cana

Small branched sage on a hill above a river

grows from 18 inches to 2 ½ feet, many stalks from the same root, from which they issue the the groun—the radix perennial. The goat or antelope feed on it in the winter. it is the growth of the high bluffs.

Meriwether Lewis

Rubber rabbitbrush, Chrysothamnus nauseosus

Small branched sage with bright yellow flowers

A species of Cedar found on the Blufs. the trees of which are large some of them 6 feet in the girth—.

Meriwether Lewis

Rocky Mountain juniper, Juniperus scopulorum

Stand of small juniper trees