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The lost anchor cannot be found. The Expedition tries to leave, but Sioux warriors grab the line. Weapons are readied, but eventually the Chief concedes for a carrot of tobacco. Later, a new anchor is made from rocks.

From the journals...

we hoisted a white flag, and a red flag for peace or war, and was determined to fight our way, if we could not Go without.

Joseph Whitehouse

Early ensign flag

Early period admiralty flag

When we went to shove off, some of the Indians took hold of the rope and would not let it go. This conduct had like to be attended with bad consequences, as Captain Lewis was near giving orders to cut the rope and to fire on them. The chiefs, however, went out and talked with them: they said they wanted a carrot of tobacco, and that if we gave that we might go. The tobacco was given them, and we went off under a gentle breeze of wind.

Patrick Gass


Twist of tobacco

Tobacco on display at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, U.S. National Park Service.