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The keelboat's anchor is lost in an accident. To save the boat, the men are called to action. This causes the watching Teton Sioux to react as if an attack in in progress. The Captains suspect the Sioux are planning to stop the Expedition.

when we came on board an axedant happened by running the perogue across the bow of the boat and broke our cable and lost our anker all hands was raised and roed the barge to Shore. the Savages ran down to know what was the matter. we told them they Said that they came to our assistance    we thanked them for Showing their good will but kept on our guard all night for fear they would turn our enimies themselves.

Joseph Whitehouse


Replica of the Lewis and Clark keelboat

Keelboat built by Butch Bouvier and displayed at Keelboat Park, Bismarck, North Dakota.

Sergt. Gass informed me as he was at the village to day that he counted 80 Lodges (of the Teton Tribe) which contain ten persons each, which were built round with poles about 15 or 20 feet high & covered with dressed Buffalo hides painted    Some of them red &.C.

John Ordway

Their band of musick, or orchestra, was composed of about twelve persons beating on a buffaloe hide, and shaking small bags that made a rattling noise. They had a large fire in the centre of their camp; on one side the women, about 80 in number, formed in a solid column round the fire, with sticks in their hands, and the scalps of the Mahas they had killed, tied on them. They kept moving, or jumping round the fire, rising and falling on both feet at once; keeping a continual noise, singing and yelling. In this manner they continued till 1 o'clock at night

Patrick Gass

Minatare scalp dance

Historic print of a Minnetaree scalp dance

Print by Karl Bodmer circa 1833.