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The boats continue 20 miles. Three Sioux boys swim the river and say they set signal fires to tell their villages near present Pierre, South Dakota, that the Expedition is coming. The Captains ask them to invite their chiefs to council.

From the journals...

Soon after we landed three Soues boys Swam across to us, those boys informed us that a Band of Sieux called the Tetons of 80 Lodges wer Camped near the mouth of the next River, and 60 Lodges more a Short distance above them, they had that day Set the praries on fire to let those Camps Know of our approach— we gave those boys two twists of Tobacco to carry to their Chiefs & Warriors to Smoke, with derections to tell them that we wished to Speak to them tomorrow, at the mouth of the next river

William Clark

Prairie meadows burning

Historic painting of Indians and a burning plain

Painting by George Catlin circa 1832.