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The Expedition passes the abandoned Fort aux Cedres, a fur trading post built by Régis Loisel. Ordway describes the buildings and nearby Sioux camps. The hunters complain that the soils of the plains are wearing out their moccasins.

From the journals...

About 3 o'clock we passed cedar island, one of the Three-Sisters, where Mr. Lucelle had built a fort of cedar. The space picketed in is about 65 or 70 feet square, with centry boxes in two of the angles. The pickets are 13½ feet above ground. In this square he built a house 45½ by 32½ feet, and divided it into four equal parts, one for goods, one to trade in, one to be used as a common hall and the other for a family house.

Patrick Gass

Missouri River near Cedar Island, North Dakota

Historical painting of the Missouri River before the filling of Francis Lake reservoir

Painting by Karl Bodmer circa 1833.