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The Expedition encounters a bend in the Missouri full of islands and shallow, braided channels. The keelboat nearly turns over. They then head up the wrong side of a large island and must turn back. They name the island Troublesome Island.

we passed (1) a Island the middle of the river at the head of which we found great dificuelty in passing between the Sand bars    the water Swift and Shallow, it took ¾ of the day to make one mile, we Camped on the L. S. opsd. a Village of Barking Prarie Squriels

William Clark

Lining the keelboat

Drawing of the Lewis and Clark Expedition towing the keelboat up the Missouri River

growth of high & dry prarie—

Meriwether Lewis

Rough blazing star, Liatris aspera

Tall plants with purple inflorence

Photo created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

High dry prairies Septb: 12, 1804

Meriwether Lewis

Rigid goldenrod, Solidago rigida

Tall plants small yellow flowers

Photo by Missouri Department of Conservation as presented on a sign at Fort Osage.