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With a fair wind, the boats make 17 miles up the Missouri River passing present Pickstown. Clark walks on the dry plains high above the river. He arrives at camp on the now inundated Boat Island after dark. Shannon is still missing.

From the journals...

Came to on the lower point of an Island in the midlle of the river Called Boat Island and incamped, jurked the meet Killed to day Consisting of 2 buffalow, one large Buck Elk one Small, 4 Deer 3 Turkeys & a Squirel, I joined the boat at this Camp, The Countrey on the S S. is pore & broken.

William Clark

Bijoux Hills

Painting of the Missouri River hills in South Dakota

Watercolor and pencil by Karl Bodmer circa 1833.

No. 59. 8th Sept. the growth of moist and very wet prairies

Meriwether Lewis

Wild rice, Zizania palustris

Tall prairie grass

Photo created by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.