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The keelboat's sail is hoisted in a strong wind and the mast breaks. After 8 miles, the Expedition stops at the Niobrara River to explore, hunt, and look for signs of Shannon who has been missing several days.

From the journals...

this river widens above its mouth and is devided by Sand and Islands, the Current verry rapid, not navagable for even Canoos without Great dificulty owing to its Sands

William Clark

Niobrara River

Large plains river with a large flood plain

Photo created by Ammodramus who has released it to the public domain.

A No. 39. obtained at the mouth of the River Quiccourre from which place upwards it is abundant in the Missouri bottoms it is a pleasant burry to eat—it has much the flavor of the cranbury, and continues on the brush through the winter—thi is an evergreen shrub—some plants are sent down by the barge to the care of Capt. Sotddard at St Louis

Meriwether Lewis

Silver buffaloberry, Shepherdia argentea

ed berries growing in clumps on a branch with thin, long leaves