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After a cold morning, the boats wind sixteen miles over and around Missouri River sandbars. Passing present Santee, South Dakota, the men see yellow and chalk colored bluffs, fine plumbs, many beaver, but few trees.

From the journals...

Several wild Goats Seen in the Plains they are wild & fleet Elk & Buffalow is verry plenty

William Clark

Pronghorn, Antilocapra americana

Pronghorn eating plants

Photo: June 27, 2013 at the National Bison Range Wildlife Refuge.

There is no timber in this part of the country; but continued prairie on both sides of the river. A person by going on one of the hills may have a view as far as the eye can reach without any obstruction, or intervening object; and enjoy the most delightful prospects.

Patrick Gass

Prairie view

Rolling hills of the Great Plains