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The boats navigate around a large island. Some of the men name it Elk island for the number of elk shot on this day. (Bonhomme Island is now inundated.) Clark explores unusual sand ridges which appear to him to be Indian fortifications.

the Indians use it as an application to gresh wounds. they bruise the leaves adding a little water and apply it.—

Meriwether Lewis

Purple prairie-clover, Dalea purpurea

Plant with purple and white cones

Photo ©2005 Blaine Hansel. Downloaded from Wikimedia and used with permission of the Creative Commons 2.0 License.

w[e] had the meat all jurked and the Skins Dried to Cover the Perogue, on the Side of the Bluff I observed Bear Grass & Rhue

William Clark

Yucca, Yucca glauca

Yucca plants on a hillside

No. 41 found on the Bluffs the 2ed of Sept. 1804. is the growth of open high situations

Meriwether Lewis

Pasture sagewort, Artemisia frigida

Low plant with long stems of white bells

"Artemisiafrigida" by Jim Pisarowicz. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.